Industry Papers

Michelle Russel; Jaime Bennetb

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ABSTRACT: This study examines and analyzes digital events and trends from the previous year. Convert past trends into future learnings to reset objectives and strategies now. Ultimately, establish a baseline against which future changes in sentiment can be measured. This study used a mixed method. We began with pre- screening and setting objectives to develop an online survey. In addition, a few selected companies were interviewed to further investigate the research subjects’ opinions to establish benchmarks for measuring future changes. The investigation group was PCMA and the AC. After all, this study revealed six common myths that were identified during the research.

KEYWORDS: Digital Events, Myth, Digital Platform

Amelia Roziman

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ABSTRACT: The paper highlighted three main challenges that the business events industry in Sarawak faces: (i) limited exposure to legacy impacts; (ii) limited impact case studies and literature; as well as (3) knowing the government and BESarawak. Following the challenges, solutions and outcomes were provided. It was emphasized that long-term planning is important, legacy impact is transformational, being consistent, and understanding what matters to others are the four key takeaways in order to implement the Sarawak 2030 marketing plan for the local government sector more effectively.

KEYWORDS: Business Challenges, Business Events, Marketing Plan, BESarawak

Giacherie Ak Tipika; Stacy Gregory

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ABSTRACT: Talent export through music ecosystem decelopment refers to the process of identifying and promoting talented Sarawakian musicians and its ecosystem, and helping them to gain exposure ande success on a global scale. This can involve a range of activities, including music education and training programs, infrastructure development to support the music industry, and promotional efforts to bring local talent to the attention of international audiences. The ultimate goal of talent export through music ecosystem development is to create a supportive and sustainable environment for musicians, enabling them to achieve their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to the state economy as well as the music scene.

KEYWORDS: Sarawak, Tourism, Talent Export, Music, Ecosystem, Development, Malaysia, Migration

Louise St. Germaina, Tom Reiser

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ABSTRACT: The World Thrombosis Day (WTD) is a public awareness campaign led by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasias (ISTH) aimed at increasing global understanding, prevention and treatment. The campaign was launched in 2014 after a systematic review of the literature showed that venous thromboembolism (VTE) causes a major burden of disease across low- income, middle-income and high-income countries.

KEYWORDS: World Thrombosis Day, The Global Burden of Diseases, Public Awareness, Business Events

Awantika Pal

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ABSTRACT: The International Water Resources Association (IWRA) has been working for more than 50 years towards a more sustainable use and management of the world’s water resources. One of the key instruments is the World Water Congress where knowledge exchange across continents and disciplines is the main mission. For the recent Congress in Daegu, South Korea, IWRA not only worked closely with Korean stakeholders to increase awareness of water-related issues but launched an Envoy Programme inviting young and ambitious people from various countries in the world to bridge the world of the conference audience and the realities of societies for whom clean and sufficient water is out of reach.

KEYWORDS: Water Envoys Programme, Water Resources, Global Impact, International Water Resources Association

Lorraine M. Work

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ABSTRACT: With the biennial meeting of the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, BRAIN & BRAIN PET, being awarded to Glasgow in 2022 the local organizing committee (LOC) wanted to leave a legacy from the meeting. They wanted the people of Glasgow, Glaswegians, to remember this prestigious meeting being in the city through using this as a springboard to promote awareness of the importance of brain health. A series of events were planned and delivered across the city in the weeks before and after the conference to around 600 children in primary schools and over 1000 members of the general public. Feedback was uniformly positive from these events both from participants, teachers, supporting charities and those who volunteered their time to share their research and interests through these opportunities.

KEYWORDS: Local Organizing Meeting International, Mental Health, Business Events, Glasglow Brain Health Awareness Campaign

Gretchen Gasteier

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ABSTRACT: Women Deliver is a global advocacy organization that focuses on gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights. While originally focused on maternal and newborn health, it has expanded to work on broader issues of gender equality while remaining strongly rooted in SRHR. The organization works both within and outside of the halls of power to advocate for economic and rights-based investment in gender equality and SRHR. Women Deliver has also bolstered the advocacy efforts of gender equality advocates around the globe by working with young advocates through its award-winning Young Leaders Program and convening triannual conferences that bring together decision-makers and advocates from diverse fields. Women Deliver prioritizes building a meaningful relationship with the local community that hosts its conferences, often highlighting women-led organizations and local issues and solutions.

KEYWORDS: Women Deliver, Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Christina Olsen

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Ecocity Builders is a non-profit organization headquartered in Canada with a core team consisting of academics, architects, engineers and urban planners. Since 1990, they organize the biennial Ecocity World Summit as part of their wider mission and strategies for reshaping cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems. This brief report highlights their collaboration with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in hosting the Ecocity World Summit 2019 in Vancouver. The Centre for Ecocities emerged as a lasting legacy initiative to support the development of socially just cities in balance with nature around the world.

KEYWORDS: Ecocity Builders, Mission of Ecocity, New BCIT Center for Ecocities, Climate Change

Special Notes

Emma Delaney

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ABSTRACT: Despite the significance of the MICE industry to most global economies, and the high number of related degrees, literature that focuses specifically on business events remains scant. There is a substantial need for pedagogic resources that support the study of business tourism, and for robust research that can influence policymakers in this field. As such, Business Event Legacies provides a timely and welcome addition to a small but growing body of knowledge in this domain. Carmel Foley, Deborah Edwards and Karin Weber will be familiar names to anyone who has studied business tourism and their combined prior research in this area confirms them as subject specialists and respected authors.